Stay Safe Out There!
  • The Lighthouse


    The Lighthouse is your beacon back to camp. This light weight marker is the brightest we have ever built. RF RGB controller allows you to choose from 20 different colors and flashing patterns to navigate the dunes and always know where your camp is located. I have finished up 5 of these so far and very excited about getting them dialed into one of our standard fabrications, DIG IT! Weighs just 2 lbs. and adaptable to just about any camp marker pole.

    White on White and Black on Black is how the Lighthouse will appear when not Lit up.

    RGB; 1200 Lm per meter, (5m of lights.

    Rockets; 4000 Lm per meter, (5m of lights)

    Saber Lights are the Brightest single color lights we build with, 7000 Lm per meter, (5m of lights).