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Rocket Lightning Stik Camp Marker for your Poles and Holders Flag Pole

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Our latest camp marker to add on to your Poles and Holders Flag Pole. We have made this extremely easy to use, no tools required! It will arrive as a   5' tube with  3' of lights of your choice at the top. The bottom 2' slides into the top of your pole once you remove the foam cap. Your P&H Camp marker will come with 24' of 12/2 low voltage wire with 2 pin SAE connectors at both ends. These markers can be ran on 12 vdc power or add an inverter to run them on 110 vac. As always use the appropriate fuse when running on 12 vdc (5 to 10 amp depending on light selection). I have found a little wrap of black tape at the SAE connector at the P&H Camp Marker electrical connection is helpful. As with all electronics never leave unattended.