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  • Lightning Bolt Saber Pro Series(1/2")

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    The Pro Series Saber is our latest upgrade to the Sabers (8/8/2022). Absolutely no voltage drop as power climbs through our brightest whips to date.

    Our Patented Stainless Steel Quick Release comes standard on our 1/2" Lightning Bolt Fiberglass.

    Sabers only come in a white background color of lights. Heat shrink at the top and bottom can either be White or Black with a Red or Black Tip.

    15" to 4' will be a full wrap of lights, no spacing.

    5' and 6' will be spaced wrapped!

    The Unicorn; Red, Blue, Green, Amber, White solid colors.

    Sold as Single Stiks.

    Scott 623-693-5296

    Christina 623-693-5300