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  • Lightning Bolt Saber (1/2")

    $175.00 $135.00

    Lightning Bolts are our latest creation. They start on 1/2" FireStik rod with our patent pending stainless steel quick release. These will hold 2x3 & 3x5 foot flags (flag not included). Flags will come with grommets to be connected at your risk or we can use our standard sleeved flag in lieu of lights at the top . Lightning Bolt Sabers come as white on white with 3014 LED's (Sabers).

    Sold as Singles.

    Quick Acton Connector Patent No.: 11,228,083 B2

    To further customize your whip build, please give 

    Scott a call at (623)693-5296.

    Christina (623)693-5300

    Full Wrap White on Display

    Thank You