Stay Safe Out There!
  • RGB Bluetooth Brake Light/Synchronized Controlled Lightning Stiks & Rock Light Strips

    $225.00 $170.00

    The Bluetooth Brake Light Controller synchronizes our standard RGB Lightning Stiks to always be the same color even while flashing. This controller will handle up to 10 amps of 12 vdc LED's, that's a lot of lights. Click in the drop-down box to add Rock Light Strips to your project that will also stay in synch with your whips.

    RF Key Fob and Bluetooth controlled.

    This product does not work with our Storm Chasers.

    Comes with a switch and relay harness & approximately 9' of cable to connect your whips.

    Sold as a pair of whips!

    Scott 623-693-5296

    Christina 623-693-5300