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  • Bluetooth Ghozt Storm Chaser Lightning Bolts (2 Stiks) (1/2" fiberglass)

    $610.00 $457.50

    Our latest and greatest 1/2" Storm Chaser Lightning Bolts to date, (4/29/2020). These bad boys are synchronized by a BlueGhozt Bluetooth controller that is just phenomenal. To date we have run 48' of lights with no voltage drops across the chaser lights we use.We have done our best to waterproof the board with in its case, I would highly recommend adding more RTV to the wiring in and out of the box and mount it up high on a firewall as to not run it through water. The supplied voltage regulator must be installed  to protect the electronics as well. A wiring harness with relay, in-line fuse, and switch is also included. We will get some more pictures up, however we have done several videos on our SS Lightning Stik Facebook page that shows this system off very well.

    This set-up comes with our Quick Action Connector Patent No.: US 11,228,083 B2

    Please give us a call for custom flag options, thank you.

    4' & 5' selection will come with a flag at the top, (no lights under flag). 

    Turn & Brake Signal Inputs to the Ghozt that comes out in your whips and rock light strips.

    Background of lights is Black when lights are off.

    The strip lighting for the fender wells is an add-on to your whip purchase within this page in the drop down boxes. Each strip will come with a 9' cable and T to tie in at the controller. Should your project need more cables, please select from Extension Cable drop down box.

    RGB= Red, Green, Blue in each LED.

    RGBW= Red, Green, Blue, White in each LED.

    Thank You for shopping with us.

    S S Lightning Stiks LLC