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  • Lightning Stik (3' to 6') Spaced Wrap with a Flag

    $80.00 $60.00

    The ultimate in lighting up your favorite off-road toy in your favorite color.

    Black on Black has become the new standard, they look like a Rattle Snake to this desert rat.

    Select Color of Lights to select RGB or Single Colors, with some single colors allow additional shipping time as all colors are not always stocked.

    RGB w/remote is the most popular, 15 colors with Fade, Jump, Flash, & Strobe functions. RGB's almost always ship within 3-5 days. 

    3 footers with a flag are a crossover whip for the trails and dunes. Depending on the height of your machine a 3 footer may get you to the 8' minimum from the ground for the California Dunes.

    I do not recommend a spring on 5' and 6' lengths, you get mush more movement out of the whips.

    1 1/2" spring is meant for quad riders, they do need to be replaced on a more frequent basis as they get memory in them faster.

    RF Remote and Bluetooth Mini will operate multiple Lightning Stiks.

    Please contact us with any questions or custom needs;
    Scott  623-693-5296

    Christina 623-693-5300